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"Blue Penguin Pest Control provides top rated service in the East Dallas Area. After working for other pest control companies for almost a decade, the owners decided to take the weaknesses of the industry and turn them into strengths. With blue penguin you will only receive the best products on the market and experience exceptional customer service. “
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Our Three Pillars of Success


​Most pest control companies will buy a pesticide in bulk to save on price, then spray that same pesticide on every one of its customers. From San Diego to Atlanta, every customer during that period of time gets the same thing.

At Blue Penguin Pest Control, we buy a variety of the most effective products on the market at that time. When we arrive to treat your home, we check our pest identification stations before every treatment and determine what your home needs. The product used on your home will match exactly your needs, not whatever product is on sale that quarter.​​

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The Pest Control Industry typically has a lot of turnover. Most companies hire anyone willing to spray houses all day. As a result, technicians in the industry are very underqualified to perform the service.

At Blue Penguin, we create careers for our employees. We pay every employee above the market average to ensure we attract the best quality. From the owners experience, a high turnover rate of employees only hurts the customer. We are determined to find the best, and keep them for long periods of time to ensure company stability and great customer service.

Your Blue Penguin Experience 

​The standard quarterly pest control service takes about 5- 10 minutes. The technician will have about 15-20 houses to spray that day so you probably won’t even notice he’s there. Did he even spray the house? You wont know unless you have cameras up.

At Blue Penguin we are committed to taking our time at your home. You will find that your first treatment will take anywhere from 30-45 minutes and your reoccuring treatments will take 20-30 minutes (treatment lengths will vary depending on service type and size of property). We achieve this by never over-scheduling our service pros.

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WHY Blue Penguin 

Your local guys in the lone star state. Pest control you can rely on. 

Both of the Owners have worked for a few different pest control companies over the past 5 years. While mostly positive experiences, there were many areas of improvement that never seemed to be corrected. With having backgrounds of Accounting, Product Knowledge and Customer Service it made a lot of sense to take the leap and fill the holes of the Pest Control Industry.

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